The Washington Post

‘No One to Talk You Down’

Inside federal prisons’ dangerous failure to treat inmates with mental-health disorders.

The Marshall Project

When Trying to Help Gets You Fired

For some cops, offering a hand could mean losing your job.

Sent to a Hospital, But Locked in Prison

Despite years of criticism, New Hampshire has no place but prison for the dangerously mentally ill.

Another Hurdle for Former Inmates: Their Teeth

For many recently-released prisoners, severe dental issues are just one more barrier to restarting their lives.

Rikers Doesn't Put Teens in Solitary. Other New York Jails Do.

Even after the high-profile death of Kalief Browder, jails in the rest of the state routinely isolate juveniles.

A Drug Company Says This Shot Will Keep You Out of Prison

Johnson & Johnson uses the prospect of jail time to market a schizophrenia drug.

New York Cancels Private Prison Care Package Program

An uproar over cost, selection — and coloring books.

The Latest Big Win for Prison Privatization

It just got a lot harder to send a care package to New York prisoners.

The Big Business of Prisoner Care Packages

Inside the booming market for food in pouches, clear electronics, pocketless clothing, and other corrections-approved goods.

When a Mental Health Emergency Lands You in Jail

Colorado just outlawed jail for people in a psychiatric crisis, but plenty of states still do it.

The New Yorker 

Seventeen Days on a Locked Ward

"I am on round-the-clock suicide watch, so I lounge across from the front desk, the perfect location for me to be supervised at all times"